Monday, 8 October 2012


Social Networking.

The art of scarcely knowing a supposedly pretty reportedly girl from perhaps California who might be single.
And that's just Facebook.

Yeah! I may mock it and all but I am a member of this Network and one of its many worthless threads, scrolling down worthless pieces of information, life-threatening chain-mails, lies and thoughts and prejudices and dogmas and revolutions and what not !

Everyone's opinion matters, or say, you are absolutely free to publicly make an ass of yourself. For the internet is a court and we all its jesters- entertaining the rest with our half-baked knowledge, needlessly-high esteem and overly pompous show of stupidity. But it isn't all negative. We now can stalk..oops.. talk to, about, against, for anyone and anything freely. We are now being noticed in an international spectrum. (And I'm not dis-cussing that green-dot now.)

So seizing this opportunity, I have got my blog, which, according to, is a large, free space offered to blabber, gabble and jabber about all those things you can't say to one's face because these are too boring or too obvious or too insignificant or too rude. Because, come on, you can't hit me sitting in front of your computer and you are too lazy, I mean, social, to log out of Facebook to come and catch me by my throat.

Hence, the blog.  

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