Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The name that makes many a geek-head bang in silent adoration and encourages many a wannabe-geek to flaunt their love for all things 'Open-Source', which basically means free-stuff.

So, when a virus savaged my Hard-Disk (no AIDS joke intended) I decided to break the windows and let the Ubuntu in the world outside, flow through my ailing computer. And thus, my laptop acquired an orange-purple-ish-jaundice and I already started feeling it to be a pain in my... eyes.

"Ubuntu? Wow! Your Laptop is hot!", many friends commented.
I blushed then, but realized much later, that they meant that literally.

My laptop gradually started melting due to the excessive heat generated by the exhaustive applications being run for my activities of reading a sticky-note or staring at the Desktop reminiscing about how sweet my Windows-days used to be. Finally, the breaking point was, when I saw black marks of molten metal on my table.

So, Ubuntu was out, Windows was in. Then I downloaded some overly possessive Anti-Virus softwares for the system and internet security, which now torment me with so many questions that I sometimes feel guilty, for carrying out highly unsafe procedures that make my system vulnerable to virus; one of the procedures being updating a Facebook-status.

But then I wondered whether Ubuntu really sucked that bad ?
And then, after further self-evaluation, I dramatically discovered that the thing I was hating wasn't Ubuntu actually, but the change that it caused.

We, humans like the objects around, always have a kind of Inertia in all the things we do. We heartily resist any signs of change occurring around us and submit ourselves to it only if the changing force is too strong.

Take the Timeline format of the Facebook, for example. It itched our brains to look at that disgusting thing that our page had transformed into from that adorable format it was in before. Yeah, now we are accustomed and all, but didn't we call Zuckerberg names (which is anyways a fun thing to do) for that petty issue?

See? We hate changes.

Now imagine the plight of the early man who suddenly woke up and found his gorgeous tail missing without sufficient briefing from Darwin. How he might have stared at the masterpiece of nature, that a monkey's hind is, and contemplated extinction. Okay, that led to other good things like the invention of tools and fire for the purpose  of suicide and invention of wheel which ,according to some ancient hieroglyphic records, was made because the early man reportedly wanted 'not to live on this planet anymore'.

But the history, biology and the meticulous archaeology behind the research put aside, what's the moral? It was all due to a change, that too a small wagging one.

So, next time, before you start spewing venom on a new idea or innovation, check if it's the novelty you are hating or the change. And before the matter turns too grave, serious and boring, let's abruptly change the topic.


  1. use bumblebee...i have heard it helps...

  2. The thing is, you shouldn't have taken ubuntu inside of this at all. One doesn't understand about it in 1-2 days. And, it felt like you were judging the book by its cover.

    Nevermind, the message (inertia) - good. example - bad. starting- boring. ending - good. :D ;)
    Keep writing! :)

  3. I liked the bit about feeling guilty for updating status on facebook :D

  4. moral of the story- never believe my interpretations! and yeah I almost did get used to that lovely thing, Ubuntu and made my laptop emit hot gases & fly like a rocket ! and keep the comments coming!

  5. nice...!!
    everybody is afraid of "change" if the change is bad, or if we've presumed it to be bad (a change you think is bad but it may turn out beneficiary) .
    while there are "change" we are eagerly waiting for, like dating a hot girl (*an engineering student's dream*)
    and the "change" which are unacceptable, just like the facebook's timeline, its crappy..