Monday, 19 August 2013

Hello '13

Firstly, my heartfelt greetings to the 2013 batch for making it through BITSAT, despite the high cut-offs, which have been speedily and shockingly increasing every year, just like our... well, Convocation Chief-guests' awesomeness. (Now I'd certainly avoid using obscene words like 'fees' in this post at least, wouldn't I?) Although, I assume you might have already gotten out of that "Yayyyy!! I'm in BITS! Second greatest thing I did in my life after surviving 2012! \m/ \m/" mode, since it's been almost a month and you might be now busy chattering at mess. Or at library. Or at inductions.  

Well, two years have passed, since I hit the educational lottery on 1st July, 2011, when I received the 1st Iteration confirmation letter for pursuing "B.Pharmacy at BITS-Pilani", or as the Quorans querying about BITS-Goa call it, "doing drugs". And I still owe my success in the entrance test to Physics. Because nothing less than Quantum Mechanics can explain the infinitesimal probability of such an unlikely event. And shortly later, began my euphoric outbursts of disbelief and ecstasy which could be compared only with the reactions of the first men on moon-

Neil:       That's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.
Edwin:   Dude! Talk like a jerk once more and I'll start those Arm-strong jokes all over again.
Neil:       They were recording it man!
Edwin:   What? Couldn't you say something cool like, "The view has left me out of breath" or "These things happen just once; on a blue moon" or "Nobody can understand the gravity of my situation" or a simple "I'm over the moon" ?
Neil:        Okay. But tell me, how could I wink through a helmet?!
meanwhile in the command module...
Michael: Signed up for moon. Didn't walk on it. Life is one real Bitch!

Also, it's nice to see that this batch isn't as dumb as it portrayed itself to be in the "BITSAT 2013" FB group, where various thought-provoking questions were asked, the thought provoked being- how the hell did they get in here? Example: "I've a EEE degree. Should I bring a screw-driver or a protective coat with me?" I just wonder what all he'd have thought of bringing if he had an MSc Bio degree. But the questioner can't be totally blamed too, considering how deeply Aamir Khan's movies influence the Indian student's mindset. (Like how I still blame TZP for my haphazard handwriting and can justify the extremely rare phenomenon of a pretty girl talking to me only by assuming she is a ghost.)

But, my personal favorite is, "Pilani campus has a medical centre?" I mean, you first compete with people from across the country and then finally get selected to be sent to a remote area in Rajasthan without a railway line and an extreme climate and are also not provided any medical supervision. Now, what the hell do you think this is? AXN Survivor?

But then, I don't have a right to comment on this matter, as I had made an FB account only by the end of my first semester, not knowing till then, that there was an exclusive online platform for doing what I had so efficiently done through my whole schooling; saying something silly and waiting for people to respond. Although I'd have probably asked saner and better questions like, "Does anyone else here owe their seat to a Griha Shanti Puja?"

Also you 13-ites might have discovered by now, that sober people do exist at Goa, however incredible and preposterous the idea might seem, and that it isn't always "Booze is the secret of my energy" here.
(A teetotaler Devdas myself, the only thing I ever got high on was a cough syrup overdose, and this has its own pros and cons.
Pros: You get to act like a self-righteous asshole every time someone takes a shot.
Cons: The pros exist only until your friends find out that the real reason for your abstinence is saving money.)

But I only wish that, more of you had turned up at inductions, thus giving us the egoistic pleasure of judging and scrutinizing you, rather than coming in so few a number, we start feeling insecure and nonexistent. Though, I'd also like to add, that attend an induction only if you're interested and inclined towards the respective work and not because all your friends are going too. Because the later doesn't help much in most cases and is also the prime reason why most of us are in engineering colleges and yet not into engineering.

And before I wind up, one last piece of the most common and yet the most neglected advice- Do Attend Classes. Well, this might seem pretty easy at first, (except in my case; me being destined to bunk my first ever class at BITS, by sitting in an almost empty classroom with 5 others, muttering about the shocking absence of the rest of the students and the professor only to realize 40 minutes later, that it was a Tuesday, unlike a Monday) but the habit gradually fades away as the Goan air starts settling into you. And if you're still wondering why it so happens, search Quora. There might be a smartass answer in there for it too.

Signing out.

Nah, I won't badmouth the messes. I've lost the appetite for all food-jokes.  


  1. Booze is the secret of my energy !

    Yea definitely.. ;)

  2. nothing less than Quantum Mechanics can explain the infinitesimal probability of such an unlikely event dude _/\_

  3. arey i noticiced that the blog is now a monthly!

  4. Lavish Reddy (EEE Degree, screwdriver guy) was a 2012 Batch guy.
    Troll successful \m/

  5. "I won't badmouth the messes. I've lost the appetite for all food-jokes." Epic! :D

  6. As refreshing as ever! The only bitsian blog i've bookmarked after tamatarnews :P
    PS: Suprabhat, you're a genius, Sir.

  7. I wait for your posts :)