Friday, 19 April 2013

Inspiration & Stuff

So, I was busy lazying around this one month trying to realize my purpose and goals in life. Seriously. It has been my most unproductive semester in the campus with no electives, valley-low attendance and scuba-diving C**A. Yes, it sucks, when you say "CDCs" and people think you are stating your mid-sem grades. And when that too is, unfortunately, true. So, somehow I tried to get out of this sulky mood and started watching inspirational videos on DC. Now, here are the reasons why you shouldn't watch inspirational videos when you are desperately in need of inspiration:

(a) Zero relatability- : "Holy Trinity! When that one-legged black guy, with partial paralysis and traces of cancer, with a side dish of herpes, whose wife divorced him, twice, leaving him homeless in two installments, can skateboard through a turbulent tornado by directly cutting across a rainbow and bouncing off a volcano, why can't I study for my test which is in like, fifteen minutes?", felt no one ever.

(b) Background music- So the inspiring guy in the video starts with a narration of his sad beginnings. There are violins and flutes playing. Good enough. He lays the foundation of his success story. Violins and cellos again. Okay. He encounters many hurdles and overcomes all. The damn flute makes a guest appearance amidst the violins and cellos this time. Damn!. Then comes the dramatic climax and the hero finally steals the show. Violins. Cellos. Flutes. Again. Now where the hell are the bass guitars when we really need them?

(c) Temporary Arousal- Sometimes we do feel motivated but that phase lasts for only about 59 seconds after watching the video. Just like the way you feel like screwing bulbs into every damn socket visible, for a day after watching Swades or how you dream of repeatedly pushing Abhishek Bachhan into all waterfalls and canyons, for a month after watching Raavan. But after sometime you'll be back to your usual/useless self.

I don't know much about the inspirational books as I have read just one "You can win", and yes, it surely helped to score in my board exams. I used it to write an essay on a book I had recently read and learnt nothing from. I still think I should have read something else to feel high and happy, but then, "Fifty Shades of Grey" wasn't yet published.  

So how to come out of this illogical depression and get your act together to do something worth doing? Well here are some tips I have recently learnt (Okay I hate writing philosophical stuff, still):

(a) Avoid Assholes Always. Assholes come in all shapes and sizes and live camouflaged around you. But there's a reason nature considered only one of it enough for survival. Assholes are just like black-holes, only that instead of matter and light, they totally suck out your positive energy until you are degraded morally, and start taking lite in all matters. Hence stay as far from them as possible; and never give anyone a chance to bring you down. Even if it is an elevator. Because it shows how frigging lazy you are to not walk to the floor below.     

(b) Know your Strengths. Yes, you might have heard/read many times about knowing your weaknesses. Well, screw it. The society has already been doing the job of reminding us of our drawbacks quite well. So it's time to concentrate on your pros and show what you're a pro in, rather than being conned into despair by your inadequacies. So the next time some discouraging soul acts like a pain in the neck, shove your awesomeness so deep down his throat, he wouldn't even be able to puke without praising you.

(c) Forget Time Tables. We all have in our lives tried out laying out detailed schedules of the activities to be done the following week, which we have miserably failed to follow. But things should be done, when you really feel like doing it, to get the most productive results. Besides deadlines and due-dates, you need not always stick to a plan and extinguish the spur of the moment. And you know what, even the Joker feels the same.
(d) Give it a Shot. Anything good is definitely worth an attempt. As life is too long to fear a petty failure and too short to not do your liking and regret later. And even if you fail, hide the sad story until you succeed. Then, you can use it to spice up your Oscar Winning Speech or in your autobiography or in an interview or... okay whatever, just remember the damn thing.

(e) Be Positive. Enough said.

And with this I would like to close the scroll and promise never to preach again. As for the Compre, we'll anyhow manage it as always; and in the meanwhile, join the Pool Party Facebook Event, even if you haven't come, just to look cool in front of your friends from other colleges. Yes, you may study now.   


  1. You might give Ashish Shakya a good competition in a couple of months. Great read!

  2. nice, comprehensive post..
    and i utterly agree on "condoning detailed time tables" and "avoiding assholes"

  3. I should not have read this before trying to start studying. Anyways...great stuff.

  4. thuuu nee ani annanu...coz i can correlate .....scuba diving cgpa....but i hope harvey dents correct...that the night is the darkest before the dawn..:P

  5. taking lite because you are morally degraded... sad, yet totally true man... Avoid assholes, I can totally relate to that one

  6. "Fifty Shades of Grey" ;-)

  7. Hamarey campus mein actuallly bahut talented log hain . :)

  8. A good person can do an amazing job in what she/he loves.
    A great person can do an amazing job in even what she/he hates.

    I hate philosophy too. ;)

  9. Oh, and (d) of philosophical section reminds me of the chat we had few hours ago. Well, 'chat' could be one of the things, if not interview or awards ceremony.

  10. :D Yeah!
    Like Oscar Wilde said, "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes" And yes, experience is necessary.

  11. Great post GOD.
    how do you come up with such epic long analogies?

  12. And u, Mr.Fucker, asks me to give u inspiration.... u r really _/\_

    ASSHOLES are always lovely to be considered as SUCKERS of +ve energy :D